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Live Zoom Demonstration~ Painting Daisies

Live Zoom Demonstration~ Painting Daisies

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This Live Zoom class will be done in a demonstration style. Monday July 29th at 2 pm Eastern Standard Time for approximately 2 hours.  Kathleen will demonstrate this painting live. The artist will explain and demonstrate cropping and composition, mixing triads for grays, creating depth with glazes, using mask and the painting of a dark vibrant background. Each student will receive the reference photo upon registration. The morning after the class, each student will receive the photo of the finished painting and the link to the zoom recording to keep. Students will be joining this class with their video on or off (your preference) and will be able to ask questions by unmuting themselves. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you are signing up for the first time for a class, please go to the home page and sign up for my emails. You need to Subscribe so I can email you thru my mail service. I am the only one that sees your information. 

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