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Painting Realistic Skin Tones ~ Workshop (Previously recorded)

Painting Realistic Skin Tones ~ Workshop (Previously recorded)

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In this workshop that was recorded over a three day period, Kathleen demonstrates how to paint realistic skin tones using three basic colors. Value, wet-into-wet techniques and using compliments will all be explained and demonstrated. There are two high definition videos for each day. They were recorded in real time during a zoom online workshop. The subjects are Kathleen's husband, (featured) a young girl, (her granddaughter) and a twenty something black woman. Most of the footage was recorded on a camcorder which provides for clear sharp viewing. You will also receive two additional videos: "An Introduction to Compliments" and a step by step of the progress photos of the artist's painting, Meat and Potatoes Man. Also, a link to a prerecorded video in which Kathleen explains how to prepare your drawings for the workshop.

You will receive: 1. Day 1 Part 1 : 1 hour 50 min. Part 2 : 1 hour 50 min. 2. Day 2 Part 1 : 1 hour 46 min. Part 2 : 2 hours 15 min. 3. Day 3 Part 1 : 1 Hour 51 min. Part 2 : 2 hours 24 min. 4. Palette and supply list 5. The three reference photographs to paint from 6. The link to watch the YouTube video introduction to the class. 7. Video: An Introduction to Using Compliments for color vibrancy, to mix grays, blacks and to darken color. 8. One minute video of progress pictures of "Meat and Potatoes Man" 9. Students are invited to join Kathleen's Private Facebook group for critique of their work after they complete the classes.

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